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I always did drawings and started working with soft pastel since my childhood. Then I never stopped. This long relationship with this versatile material has led me to create my own style and techniques.

In the series entitled Crown The Cow With The Butterfly, the powdery qualities of soft pastel and charcoal were ideal to depict the inner beauty and the transient features of a cow skull. This was not the case for painting and as a self-taught artist, its process and consistency delayed my approach to this medium.

The Sea Pyre made of salvaged canvas stretchers and mixed media, illustrates this critical relationship between I and painting. It also expresses my burden in creating an "honest" one and literally represents an absolute wreckage : mine.

Never mind, making art is like an incessant exploration and one day you won't mistake the rio della plata for the paso and will discover your own terra incognita.

Family Portraits inaugurates a new series of oil portraits in progress, started during COVID time and continued with the loss of my mother.

All reluctances and doubts with this medium have been swept along, as if the imperative was draw and don't drown. 

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